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New York Society of Women Artists
Read, Write, & True:
Declarations of Creative Independence


July 9-27, 2024
Opening Reception:
Thursday, July 11 5-8 pm

Art Through Creative Independence
As the New York Society of Women Artists approaches its 100th year, the organization reflects vast diversity in the backgrounds and experiences of its artists similar to those of its founding Mavericks. This vibrant exhibit of two- and three-dimensional works expresses the organization’s quest for independence and freedoms by thirty-one of our members. Our mission of strength and artistic excellence continues into the next century for our challenged rights, revealing the truths that may seem self-evident.


10-10 44th Avenue, 3rd floor, # 306, Long Island City 11101

Kelynn Z. Alder
Ellen Alt
Lindy Blanchard
Nancy Bueti
Linda Butti
Pamela Casper
Rose Deler
DianaFreedman - Shea
Natalie Giugni
Lauren Gohara
Carol Gromer
Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta
Lori Horowitz
Suejin Jo
Sarah Katz

Karen L. Kirshner

Sueim Koo

Maureen Krinsley

Anna Kuchel Rabinowitz

Yumie Kusuda

Stephanie Lee

Jacqueline Lorieo

Susan Markowitz

MeredithCathy O'Keefe

Seema Lisa Pandya

Leah PollerSiena


Yupin Pramotepipop

Peggy Silverstein

Lea Weinberg

Rachelle Weisberger

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