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We invite artists working in drawing, painting, printmaking or sculpture to apply for  an invitational exhibition at our Chelsea gallery, which usually occur in July and August.

These shows can consist of an individual or group of artists.

 To apply 

  • Submit CD with 20 jpg images that accurately represent work to be exhibited

  • Include  title, date medium and dimensions for each image

  • Include resume

  • A group that applies must submit material together for review

  • Submit to  Blue Mountain Gallery, Guest Exhibition Committee, 547 West 27th Street,  Suite 200, New York, NY 10001.

  • Include SASE with sufficient postage for return of material​


Alternatively, contact the Director, Marcia Clark, through the gallery email to submit materials electronically.

Exhibitions  are selected by the gallery members on a rolling basis, so apply early.

There is a fee to help partially cover expenses; the gallery does not make a profit.

The cost to the artist is $4500. This covers:

• Gallery staffing  11am- 6pm  Tues - Saturday , Thurs. to 8pm

• Two gallery members to assist with reception, if we are able to hold them.

• Listings in Artsy,  Chelsea Art Map, gallery website and facebook, Evite to approximately 600 individuals and press

• Gallery mailing list of over 1,000 available to artist

• All ongoing gallery expenses: electricity, rent, and telephone (there will be a small charge per outgoing calls)


Artists are responsible for:

 • Announcement design, printing expense and mailing

• Postage expense for mailing

• Delivery of work, installation and removal of exhibition

• Reception refreshments, if we are able to hold them per COVID rules

• Collection of sales tax. State law requires artists to collect and remit to the NY State Tax Department.(The gallery does not charge a commission)



For further details, including fee schedule, please contact the gallery at / 646 486 4730.


Founded over thirty years ago, Blue Mountain Gallery is a non-profit cooperative and exhibition space, located in the heart of New York’s Chelsea gallery district. Administered entirely by its artist members, the mission of the gallery has evolved from an advocacy of the figurative tradition to a broader and more eclectic interpretation of contemporary painting, printmaking and sculpture. An ongoing schedule of one-person exhibitions by individual members is augmented each year with poetry readings, lectures, panels, invitational exhibitions and juried shows. The exhibitions and programs are  designed to provide the greater artist community with a gathering place for ideas, inspiration and support for our peers.



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