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Blue Mountain Gallery is an artist-run cooperative gallery.

Membership at Blue Mountain offers individual artists freedom from the restrictions of a commercial gallery and the opportunity to exhibit their work on a regular basis.

Each gallery member is entitled to a one person show every three to three and one half years and is also included in group shows. Each artist is responsible for his or her own exhibition, preparing announcements and other publicity, doing the mailings, installing the show, and ordering refreshments for the opening reception. 


The officers of the gallery include a director, a secretary, a webmaster, a treasurer and sitting schedule coordinator. Everyone is expected to serve either as an officer or on a committee, helping to create group exhibitions, do general outreach, or paint and make general repairs and improvements to the gallery space. The in town members fill the gallery sitting schedule, often once a month (replacements can be hired). Meetings are scheduled each month at which we discuss current projects and concerns and review the work of artists interested in membership.

Monthly dues are currently $155 for intown members and $270 for out-of-town members. The initial fee to join is $500. Artists are included in the gallery website and a listing on Artsy. The gallery places listings about the exhibitions and sends evites to press and many interested individuals.


Please submit a letter or email of application, links to your website where a recent body of work can be seen and information about your career can be seen. Please indicate a group of pieces that represent your work that we can focus on, that have media, size and year done indicated

Your material will be considered at the next meeting. The membership will vote and notify you of our decision. We may ask to see examples of the original work for a final decision.
Contact gallery for meeting dates and instructions . Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6 pm.

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