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Elizabeth Bisbing
Home Made: drawings, collages, paintings, animations

March 28-April 22, 2023
Opening Reception:
                              Thursday, March 30, 2023 5-8pm                                 

Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to present Home Made: drawings, collages, paintings, animations an exhibition of work by Elizabeth Bisbing from March 28-April 22, 2023. This is the artist's first solo show at Blue Mountain Gallery.

The artwork is made at her home studio and is about the home: living room, kitchen, interiors with or without figures, everything and the kitchen her sink.

It is displayed in four groupings: drawings using a fine pen (0.1) that look like etchings; gouache paintings that sometimes look like painted paper collages; painted paper collages that sometimes look like gouache paintings; and stop motion animations full of clumsy “homemade” wit.
There is a quality to something that is homemade. Think of a homemade cake as opposed to one from a bakery. The homemade cake probably tastes better but doesn’t have perfectly smooth frosting or decorations - or is a little bit lop sided.
Despite (or maybe because of) all this, Bisbing’s work has a certain charm. The short animations tell short stories about the character Little Betty Jane who is the artist’s alter ego. The drawings and the collages focus on uncensored things around the home such as dishes drying on a rack, a messy kitchen table, or fruit and vegetables that are about to be consumed.
Some collages depict domestic happenings such as her husband reading the paper with a black cat on his lap. The closeness or density of the small pieces of painted paper can lead to a feeling of being trapped within the apartment as we all felt during Covid lockdowns.
Variety is present not only in the mediums used but also in the character of the works. Some might look subtly harmonious, others astonishingly beautiful, or bold, jarring, awkward, or sophisticatedly primitive.  This applies to both her composition and use of color.
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