Helene K. Manzo: Still Looking – Paintings and Monotypes

February 28 – March 25

Reception : Saturday, March 4th  3-6 pm

Helene Manzo’s new exhibit “Still Looking” continues the artist’s deep fascination with color and light. The work shown serves as a point of departure for the exploration of form, light, texture and color, while always looking to the bridge that leads from the material, visible, object to the artist’s emotional internal, invisible, reaction to light and space. Color is the dominant element, subservient neither to subject or composition.

What is a Monotype and why do I do them?

 The term “monotype” refers to a print making process that permits the making of only one print. I use etching ink on a hard-non-absorbent surface (the plate). Rollers, cut-up Metro Cards, Q-tips, etc., are some of my markmaking tools. When the image is completed the plate is covered with dampened paper and run through the press. Since most of the image transfers in one pass through the press, only one print can be made.

 I do monotypes because they are both magical and mysterious. There is only one chance to make it all come together. The mystery is how much control is needed to keep the marks fresh and the image compelling, while still making a statement about what I see, dream and feel. It is magical when it all works!


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