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The Long View - Creativity Over Time
Blue Mountain Gallery Artists

at Green Kill Gallery
229 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, New York

July 1 -  August 26, 2023 

Saturday July 1, 6-7 pm  Opening Reception
Sunday July 9  at  7 pm Panel Discussion
     Words Carry us with Betty McDonald
     with g
allery artists Elizabeth Bisbing, Marcia Clark and Kim Do

Catalogue on line or pdf

The exhibition includes artwork by Gulgun Aliriza, Doug Anderson, Theresa Bartol, Nancy Sandler Bass, Nancy Beal, Jane Beckwith, Pamela Berkeley, Elizabeth Bisbing, Richard Castellana, Michael Chelminski, Marcia Clark, Anne Diggory, Kim van Do, Ken Ecker, Owen Gray, Carol Heft, Marilyn Honigman, Sam Jungkurth, Charles Kaiman, Joan Marie Kelly, Marjorie Kramer, Suzanne Lacke, John Leavey, Margaret Leveson, Helene Manzo, Richard K. Mills, Alakananda Mukerji, Nancy Prusinowski, Alexander Purves, Timothy Ross, Victoria Salzman, Gina Sawin, Janet Sawyer, Linda Smith, Clifford Thompson, Sam Thurston, Jenny Toth, Pamela Tucker, Marie van Elder, Jim Weidle and Jeanie Wing.


“Time is the greatest innovator.”  Francis Bacon, Of Innovations (1625)

 Each artist in the exhibition has selected two works that demonstrate the development of their ideas over time. An illustrated catalogue includes statements by the artists about the juxtapositions of works from different stages in their career, looking back over many decades or many years.  Forty one current members and associates of Blue Mountain Gallery are represented.


Charting one's own development can be an adventure. It not only involves the perception of changes and continuities in style, aesthetics and content over a lifetime, but also gives us a chance to ask the important qualitative questions of existence that will always lead us back to the metaphysical question, what is it to be a person? How does that affect an artist’s work? Am I the same person I was forty years ago, ten years ago? What kinds of changes do artists experience, and why? How does a perceived "breakthrough" in our work compare with a slow and steady metamorphosis? What are the threads that have remained constant?  What changes in the outside world have had an impact?

“The Long View” celebrates past and current work and the varied ways the artists understand the continuities and transformations in their work over time.


The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue


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