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Jim Weidle
PAINT – Apply Now!
October 4-29, 2022
Review by John Yau in Hyperallergic

Painter Jim Weidle will showcase some of his recent oil paintings at Blue Mountain Gallery this October. Jim's work spans the gamut of subject matter, ranging from sprawling landscapes to intimate interiors.

Artist Statement:"Painting has the decency to hold still, as few dare or can, permitting one's eye a tiny but wild freedom: to travel as it will."

About the Artist:   

"Eventually (just you watch!) somebody is going to ask you to say something about yourself. What if I just say that on certain evenings, around age 11, I would place my hands on the metal bars of the neighbor's jungle gym . . . and they, the bars, the arms . . . they just weren't there. It's been like that ever since."


                            --Jim Weidle 8/23/22

Jim Weidle Patinir Look-See 36x48 oil on canvas 2022.jpg
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