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Geraldo Perez

Geraldo Perez is an American artist born in the Dominican Republic whose work arises out of his experiences of a vibrant New York City.  Perez came to the city when he was 6 years old and lived in Hells Kitchen on West 45th, which he describes as very animated and colorful, with characters larger than life.  Perez recalls Hells Kitchen as a carnival of comedy and tragedy.  He was impressed by the Broadway shows and the drama of real life happening daily. He used to think that “everybody comes here, and they bring with them a piece of where they came from.”

Through his art Perez explores the realities of life and the human condition in relation to itself.   His explorations deal with the capabilities of paint and surfaces, the “dance” of color and rhythm.  His quest to organize through the application of paint is an exploration that tasks viewers to relate the images to their own lives as well as the collective experience.

Recent Exhibition: Paintings January 28 – Feb 22, 2020

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