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Anne Diggory

Anne Diggory is known for her combination of careful detail with expressive painting and strong abstract structure – an outgrowth of education at Yale and Indiana University and many years of exploring and painting the natural world. She has maintained a studio in Saratoga Springs, New York, for forty years while also working on location in the Adirondacks of New York and on her travels.

Many of her paintings are started on site and then finished in the studio. Others are mixed-media hybrid works with shifts between painting, photography and digital manipulation. The are “startling and disorienting, as well as beautiful,” with “mysterious, absorbing blends” (Jay Rogoff, Adirondack Life, March 2015) For Diggory’s exhibition, Hybrid Visions, at The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY, the curator Erin Coe wrote, “she simulates the experience of shifting vision and investigates the complexities and nuances of visual truth. On the surface these works appear to be steeped in the tradition of American landscape painting; in actuality, they challenge these conventions, revealing an artist who is deeply engaged with the cultural landscape of the past and present.”

Recent exhibition: Sept. 7- Oct 2, 2021

Recent exhibition: Out of Place  —  Shifts in media, location and content Jan 30- Feb 24, 2018

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