Thinking Big : Blue Mountain Gallery at Westbeth

NOVEMBER 2-25, 2017

Westbeth Gallery

55 Bethune Street, New York City

Between the West Side Highway and Washington Street, four blocks south of the Whitney Museum and the end of the High Line.

Sunday, November 5th : Reception  2-5 pm

Saturday, November 11  : Special event, details to be posted

Saturday, November 18 : Special event, details to be posted

Saturday, November 25th  : Closing party

“Thinking Big” addresses the significance of both the physical and psychological impact of an artwork’s size in relation to its thematic concerns.  Westbeth’s expansive gallery space provides a unique opportunity to exhibit large and moderately scaled works in response to the questions posed by the curatorial committee of Blue Mountain Gallery artists: “Why does some art need to be big – and some needs to be small, intimate? Is big necessarily more impressive?” And, in relation to our city, it’s “crowded here and the more space one takes up, the more power (or money or attention) one claims. But then again, a skill equally valued in New York is packing a large idea or scale in a succinct, elegant small presentation, something we often have to do in the real estate available here.” The wide-ranging responses of 43 of the gallery’s artists result in a dynamic yet cohesive exhibition, and the statements in the accompanying catalogue, which will be available at the gallery as well as online in October, reveal thoughtful explorations of the theme.

The show also serves as an important reminder of the role of artist-run cooperatives over the past half century.  It builds on the recent interest in these galleries generated by the widely acclaimed exhibit “Inventing Downtown” at NYU’s Grey Gallery. Blue Mountain Gallery began as Soho was emerging as an art epicenter and, now located in the heart of Chelsea, its history and continuity form an important contribution to New York’s art world.

Hours for the exhibition : Wednesday through Sunday 12 – 6pm.

Blue Mountain Gallery | 530 West 25th St, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001 | Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM | Phone: 646-486-4730

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