Sam Thurston

Paintings, Ceramics and Sculpture

April 25th – May 20th, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday April 27, 5:30 – 8 pm

Second reception:  Saturday Aril 29, 3-5 pm


Recent Exhibition:   Sam Thurston: Sculpture and Paintings

January 28 – February 22, 2014

Event: Alternative Art Histories  –  Jennifer Samet

Ideas on Art from “Beer with a Painter”    Thursday February 6, at 6:30

Blue Mountain Gallery presents the work of two artists, Marjorie Kramer and Sam Thurston, who both use the carefully observed world as a starting point for range of expressive works in a variety of mediums. The artists work in New York City and Vermont.

Sam Thurston will exhibit eight wood sculptures of archetypal figures: five recent and three older to give conceptual context. Thurston is also exhibiting paintings of New York City street scenes depicting Fourteenth Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Long Island City and Queens Plaza.  The artist says of his work: 

When I use the image of the human body in sculpture I simultaneously resist its reality and embrace its reality. Resist it because I really want to show my self- not a dumb, inert, academic reality. But I need to embrace the real because the real is the only tool with power I can use; if I abandon that tool I am just guessing or using someone else’s idea. My middle way between is to use myth, archetype, story and dance along with looking and intuition. In my cityscapes I find a similar situation – to embrace and reject the real. By working directly from life and from drawings done on site, and continuing to work on them in the studio, and by allowing subjective distortions and narrative to enter I try to balance the two. 


Sam Thurston does painting and sculpture, working from life and imagination. Born in 1943 he lived in NYC in the ’60’s and ’70’s, then moved to Vermont. His work has been reviewed by Jed Perl in the New Republic and Ken Johnson in the New York Times, among others.


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